• Access to Health Information and Facilities
  • Housing and Slum Upgrading
  • Land, Legislation and Governance
  • Research and Capacity Development
  • Risk Reduction and Rehabilitation
  • Urban Basic Services
  • Urban Economy
  • Urban Planning and Design
Ciudad Interculturalia: Empleo, Innovación y participación urbana de mujeres jóvenes indígenas artesanas en la ciudad.
Mexico / 2014

The project will foster the entreneurship spirit in young indigenous female artesans, and will encourage their financial inclusion by facilitating their access to seed capital and through the use of ICT. The project also seeks to establish dialogue between local authorities and the young women to provide with them adequate and more secure work spaces.
Création d'un centre d'insertion professionnel dans la périphérie d'Agoè
Togo / 2014

This project aims to improve the socio-economic and environmental conditions of young girls living in the outskirts of Agoè, Togo who are facing critical problems of unemployment. In order to improve their living status, the project plans to establish a center for job creation for young girls, where it will be conducting training on to improve their employability.
Demystifying devolution
Kenya / 2014

The project aims to train youths on the new system of devolved government in Kenya to help them understand how the newly created levels of powers will be operating, notably at the county level, as well as how devolved funds for young people will be allocated.
Formación de jóvenes emprendedores para la implementación de soluciones de saneamiento con enfoque descentralizado
Bolivia / 2014

The project aims at strengthening the technical skills of youth in the grassroots implementation of sustainable sanitation projects in La Paz, Santa Cruz and Chuquisaca. The project will provide the youth in these cities with knowledge and with both theoretical and practical tools to broaden their business and employment opportunities.
Fortalecimiento de las capacidades técnicas de 20 jóvenes del municipio de León para el mejoramiento de su calidad de vida y acceso a oportunidades laborales
Nicaragua / 2014

The project aims at improving the livelihoods of 20 youths through capacity building in management, English language, communication and IT, ecotourism and environmental awareness in the municipality of León. The training will allow them to become tour operators and open 2 small tour operating enterprises.
Improving Urban Livelihoods of 500 Youth in Choma Zambia
Zambia / 2014

The project aims at improving the urban livelihoods of 500 young urban poor by boosting their income and upgrading their housing in Siampade and Mwapona slums in Choma, Zambia.
La Belle Cité du Jeune Handicapé
Burkina Faso / 2014

This project aims at creating a framework for young disabled people, aged 18-32 years old. It will create a place where young disabled people can mentor each other and aims at giving these young people indicators to help them evaluate their competencies and their sales. Finally, it aims at changing the community's perception on the abilities of handicapped people.
Promoción de la visión laboral, emprendedora y ciudadana en jóvenes de la comunidad de Barrios Altos, Lima Perú
Peru / 2014

The project will contribute to poverty reduction in young people and women in Barrios Altos through training in business activities and developing their employability skills, with the aim of making these young people more proactive and more positive in their attitude in the community.
Securing urban land tenure for young people in Informal settlements
Zimbabwe / 2014

The goal of the project is to facilitate young people's access, control and ownership of urban land in the informal settlements of Zimbabwe.
Slum Women Economic Empowerment Program -SWEEP
Uganda / 2014

The project will contribute to the social and economic empowerment of young women living in slum areas in Uganda by equipping them with key skills to become active players in transforming their lives, earn descent income and positively impact their families and communities.
Colombia / 2014

The project aims at establishing an educational programme in creative skills and providing youth with knowledge to design innovative projects for their own development and that of their surrounding, within the framework of the Workshop School of Bogota. A creative consulting company will be set up thus generating jobs for young people.
The Role of Youth in Accountable leadership and in Devolved Government
Kenya / 2014

The project aims at training youths to engage constructively with county governments to promote a human rights based approach in governance
Transforming the Urban Economy and Youth Spaces within the Papine Market
Jamaica / 2014

The project aims to empower disadvantaged youth through provision of training and job creation opportunities and improve the current conditions of the Papine market. This will ultimately lead to the area becoming a more youth friendly space while incorporating ideas of sustainability and environmental stewardship.
Up to 19
Tunisia / 2014

The project aims at developing resilience towards high risk behaviors of adolescents under the age of 19 and to offer them other positive life alternatives and to enhance their independence.
Urban Media and Information Technology Employment Centre (MIT Employment Centre)
Sierra Leone / 2014

The organization aims at establishing an Urban Resource Centre. This centre will host income generating activities. It will also create a newspaper to highlight the problems of the city and promote sound urbanization and employment opportunities for youth. It aims at providing over 800 jobs per year for young people.
Youth Knowledge in Action for Climate Change Adaptation
Cuba / 2014

The project aims to engage youth in the design and implementation of initiatives to address the challenges of environmental degradation and climate change.
"Buckets Revolution" Project: Youth Recycling Life
Brazil / 2013

The project seeks to promote social insertion and youth valorization, the improvement of the social and environmental situation of the local population, strengthening communitary organizations and establishing references to public policies.
Apiculture Project: Honeybee Production, Processing and Marketing.
Ethiopia / 2013

LCYA was established in July 2010 to increase the participation of young women and men in the reconstruction and advancement of their community. The activities of LCYA aim to establish a network of young people in Lalibela and equip them with strong life skills to become actively involved in the economic, social and cultural life of their community. LCYA aims to meet the needs of youth affected by poverty through youth leadership and empowerment.
Bakau Entrepreneurship Progamme for Youths
Gambia / 2013

The heart of this project is a series training opportunities and micro loans to start businesses in a range of sectors. Several of these sectors, such as alternative briquette production to slow forest depredation, bricks for affordable road and home construction and composting to be marketed to the horticultural sector, have the potential to have a wide impact on the larger community.
Briquette de charbon MAFANA
Madagascar / 2013

The project seeks to provide solutions to current environmental problems and to minimise energy costs for households in Antananarivo. This will be done through the waste recycling and re-use to produce coal briquettes. These will not only contribute to reduce the amount of waste but will also contribute to reducing energetic costs for the households. The project will implement trainint to raise the beneficiaries'awareness on recycling and on producing the coal briquettes.
Capacitando y generando puestos de trabajo para madres solteras beneficiarias de la Casa de Acogida Mantay.
Peru / 2013

The project will generate new jobs for single mothers of the guesthouse Mantay, through the development of a new line of products made of leather and the rent and implementation of a shop where they will market the products.
Community Empowerment and Improvement Housing Development and Skills Based Opportunities
Saint Kitts & Nevis / 2013

The project is designed to create a better sustainable and equitable community, which will build and create self- reliance, self-assurance and elevate self-esteem. This will encompass teaching life skills, enhanced living conditions and coupled with all those strategies the decrease in crime and violence will be visible both at the community and national levels.
Dinner in the Dark
Egypt / 2013

The project aims to raise awareness about the blind and visually-impaired sector in Egypt. It will start by conducting a dinner, where stakeholders will be invited to dine with the direct target group (the blind and visually-impaired); the dinner will be served in complete darkness in a big restaurant, menus will be in braille and blind waiters will host the dinner. Following this first intervention, the project aims to give job training to blind and have awareness-raising campaigns to create employment for blind youth.
Disaster Preparedness and Waste Management by Indigenous Urban Poor Youth in Barangay Irisan
Philippines / 2013

The program aims to empower indigenous youth in Barangay Irisan, Baguio City through education, skills training, advocacy and implemention of a community project on disaster risk reduction and waste management. Indigenous traditional practices of reusing, recycling and segregating household waste will be revived, promoted and practiced. The objectives are: to involve indigenous youth through awareness-raising on their rights and their role in urban development; develop skills in disaster risk reduction and waste mangement; and provide livelihood for the youth through vermiculture, composting, recycling and backyard gardening. The activities to be implemented include education on disaster risk reduction, trainings on vermiculture, composting of biodegradable waste, recycling of plastics, setting up a waste management site with a composting machine and vermi beds, information campaign on proper waste disposal and indigenous cultural values in cooperation with other community organizations, NGOs and barangay officials.
Empowering Freshly Graduates from Vocational and Community Colleges in the Gaza Strip through Capacity Building and Job Creation Program
Palestine / 2013

The project will contributes to activate the role of youth (100) through creating jobs for freshly graduates from vocational and community colleges to be a major participant in the process of building and developing a prosperous, civil society identifying pressing issues around Palestinian youth, such as rights, needs and interests and to raise awareness for these issues among decision makers. The project components were designed in such away to improve living conditions of youth graduated from community and vocational colleges and activate their role through training programs, recruitment process of trained youth at local intuitions, NGOs, clinics, private sector and so on.
Enhancing Capacities of Youth in Brahmapur Slums for Secure Housing, Land Rights and better public service delivery.
India / 2013

The project expects to contribute to the development of young people in the slum communities of Brahmapur, Odisha, India and to the improvement of the overall living conditions of slum residents through secure housing, land rights and better public service delivery.
Espacios seguros y amistosos para las y los Jóvenes del Barrio Viñas Cué de Asunción.
Paraguay / 2013

The project's goal is to create safe and friendly spaces to young people in the neighborhood of Viñas Cue. These spaces will provide a place where youth will have activities, trainings, workshops and information campaigns always providing community development, and where young people can participate actively.
Formación profesional de jóvenes excluídos para la inserción laboral
Uruguay / 2013

The project aims to overcome the social vulnerability of 50 young people from 16 settlements in Montevideo through entrepreneurship training and micro credit for business start-ups.
Formation en informatique et en recherche d'emploi aux 75 jeunes chomeurs dans la cité de Kalembelembe
Congo, DR / 2013

The project targets recent school graduates, currently unemployed and looking for work. It will provide them with IT training, both theoretical and practical make them comfortable with using a computer and desktop tools. It will also guide them in their job searches by training them on how to look for for jobs, write CVs, and go to interviews.
Fortalecimiento de capacidades empresariales con equidad de género para jóvenes en la zona urbana de Intibucá
Honduras / 2013

The project will promote the improvement of economic conditions and business opportunities for 120 young people between 21 and 30 in Intibucá. The project is focused directly on youth entrepreneurship and which do not have access to funding.
Gestion des ordures menagères par la mise en place d'une unité artisannale de compostage dans la périphérie de Totsi à Lomé (Togo)
Togo / 2013

The project will work on actively involving young people in waste management and recycling, providing them with jobs and encouraging them to contribute to the improvement of their environment. The projects also aims at creating awareness in the community at large on waste management and recycling as an income generating activity.
Mauritius / 2013

The project aims at raising awareness on environmental issues, at encouraging the general public to manage and recycle waste and at empowering and engaging young people in participating and impacting on society.
Habitat Project ( Our Future City )
Sierra Leone / 2013

This project will develop an integrated physical environment in which various young professionals and institutions will function, interact and attempt to solve habitat related problems in a coordinated manner. It aims to establish a Habitat College as a vocational centre for excellence dedicated to urban issues and green economy for 2000 students every year; and to help find jobs & help acquire land/housing for 500 homeless youth in the city. The project emphasizes environmental education and natural history study through a multidisciplinary approach & is designed to meet the needs of youth who are fascinated by the natural world.
Introduction of Domestic Biogas in Rwanda Secondary Schools Project (IDBRSSP)
Rwanda / 2013

The project aims to experiment and disseminate domestic biogas installations in Rwanda secondary schools, hence improving access to new and renewable energy.
Little women for little women empowerment initiative
Malawi / 2013

The project aims at economically empowering young women by providing them with skills and training to set up their own micro- entreprises. The establishment of these entrerpises will generate employment and income, and the products (re-usable sanitary pads) will further contribute to improving the living and sanitary conditions of young girls and women.
Colombia / 2013

This project will strengthen leadership and community organization through the empowering of policies, programs and youth projects. Youths will be trained in good governance (effectiveness, efficiency, transparency and accountability).
Making Egypt’s Schools & Universities Harassment Free Zones
Kenya / 2013

The overall goal of this initiative is to break the silence and culture of blaming the victim, and end the social acceptability of sexual harassment in schools and universities in Cairo.
Malakal Youth Vocational Training Center
South Sudan / 2013

The project aims at job creation and creating work opportunities for young people. It will set up a training 'center' and give out training in specific trades to youths. The latter will then be assisted in setting up small entrepreneurial groups.
Oportunidades de integración laboral para jóvenes con discapacidad auditiva.
Mexico / 2013

Developing productive capacities in young people with hearing disabilities by facilitating their access to economic conditions most worthy and encouraging self-management.
Parlemen Muda Indonesia, "Youth Parliament Indonesia"
Indonesia / 2013

The project proposes to gather elected youth representatives from all around the Jakarta, Indonesia and to facilitate an annual conference to exchange youth minds upon prominent issues. This is a form of youth empowerment and enhancement of youth participation in decision-making politics. Realizing that the ideals of democracy shall be uphold in Parlemen Muda through campaign and elections, upon successful registrations, candidates shall be provided with three months of campaign period in order to convey their ideas and missions to electors. Electors then shall have to opportunity to support their candidate through online voting.
Projet de lutte contre l’alcoolisme, le VIH/SIDA et la pauvreté parmi les jeunes en situation difficile.
Haiti / 2013

The project will contribute to poverty reduction among young people by promoting self-employment after vocational training to strengthen their capacity to move away from harmful practices such as exploitation, prostitution, alcoholism.
Projet de promotion et d'accompagnement de l'autoentreprenariat des jeunes filles défavorisées de la ville de Mfou.
Cameroon / 2013

The project sets to providing a permanent framework for young girls and women to assist and encourage them in setting up their own projects, carry them out and become self-sufficient. This framework will be in the form of a permanent advice/ counselling desk as well as the provision of entrepreneurship and business management training and at large, establish a business incubator system, which will further empower and help other girls and young women.
Projet d’Appui à l’Insertion des Jeunes dans la Gestion Intégrée des Ordures dans la ville de Bohicon (AIJGIO - Bohicon)
Benin / 2013

The project aims at actively involving young people in waste recycling and management in their community, and to create awareness on the matter at community level to bring about sustainable management of waste and reuse of waste materials as means to increase income.
Promoting Young Urban PWDs as Social Ambassador
Bangladesh / 2013

The project aims to establish young People With Disabilities (PWDs) organizations, to involving young PWDs as social leaders and changing the community view towards them as well as develop community and PWDs concern on their rights following UNCRPD.
Promoting Youth Participation in Governance of Kalaiya Municipality of Bara, Nepal
Nepal / 2013

The project aims to contribute in functioning of municipality system with the norms and value of inclusive democracy by mobilizing youth people to promote youth participation in governance of Kalaiya Municipality of Bara, Nepal. The project will have increased youth participation to identify the forms and scope of corruption and to contribute in promoting good governance and democratic system in municipality services delivery; formed/strengthened corruption monitoring committees comprising youth at municipality; reduced corruption in Kalaiya municipality.
Promover el liderazgo juvenil en jóvenes de barrios urbanos del cantón de Pérez Zeledón, con el propósito de organizarlos en grupos juveniles.
Costa Rica / 2013

The main focus will be on youth leadership, additional items will be developed: self-esteem, group dynamics, human relations, social participation, drug addiction, sexuality, gender and alcohol.
Strengthening local networks of young urban residents for their pro-active engagement in the fight against poverty and vulnerability associated with the rapid urbanization process in Hanoi, Vietnam.
Vietnam / 2013

The project will undertake youth-led research leading to the creation of networks of youthwho will be active as citizens' rights groups in various sectors such as labour. It also includes a training component and enhancing young leaders knowledge of civic and civic rights and will also enhance participation in democratic processes.
Sustainable Youth Entrepreneurship for Solid Waste Management
Nepal / 2013

The project aims to initiate micro enterprise model with concept of “reuse and recycle of solid waste”, tapping untapped market and thereby reducing GHG emission. This project would portray successful business model creating self employment opportunities for youth and addressing the problem of solid waste management by generating cash from trash.
Through Young Eyes
Palestine / 2013

The project "Through Young Eyes" will train young Palestinians in advocacy skills and give them the tools to implement these skills through Audio and Video. These video and audio clips will be aired on local TV and Radio stations, in order to be heard by the public and the government as well. The video and audio clips will express the youth impression about relevant issues in their community, city, district or on the national level. Following the broadcast in local radios and TV stations for a month a public meeting will be held in cooperation with the Municipality of Beit Sahour and the Young Municipal Council to discuss the PSAs and the topics they are tackling.
Urban Youth Labs on Public Policies in Rio de Janeiro
Brazil / 2013

The overarching goal of the “Urban Youth Labs on Public Policies” is the mobilisation, integration and empowerment of Rio de Janeiro’s urban youth at a grassroots level in order to articulate and implement public policy solutions that envision the full and equitable integration of the city.
Visualizing Community Needs for Youth-led Policy-Based Dialogue & Improved Service Delivery
Egypt / 2013

The project is to improve the ability of youth in urban informal settlements to advocate for improvement of their communities through the visualization of needs, resources and solutions and facilitated communication between political aspirants, elected officials, services providers and community members.
Young Leaders Urban Initiative (YLUI)
Zambia / 2013

The Young Leaders Urban Initiative is a governance and land rights campaign to be spearheaded by the young people. It is aimed at providing a consistent and well-structured intervention to youth participation while advocating for youth access to urban land for those living in informal settlements in Solwezi of North western, Zambia. It will deepen youth knowledge on democracy and human rights and afford them an opportunity to own land.
Youth Entrepreneurship Programme (YEP)
Jamaica / 2013

The main purpose is to educate youth about the principle of entrepreneurship, assist youths in discovering their special skills and abilities and to channel these into business opportunities.
Youth Leader Technology and Information Center
Afghanistan / 2013

The project's main goal is to build capacity, acquainting and empowering youth with social issues. The project aims to enhance youths' knowledge and information in order to have a better understanding about human rights, preparing youths for civil management of community and utilization of modern technology by using new educational methods. Young adult participants will work in a technology and information center each month, the project will begin its activity by using ten computers to teach internet and computer programs. Short-educational terms will be held for male and female participants in separate classes and times.
“Leadership School for young women ”
Azerbaijan / 2013

The main purpose of the project is to provide women's equality with men before the law and to provide the knowledge and skills necessary for participants to overcome the barriers faced by women who desire to advance in leadership.
Senegal / 2012

A Chance to Rebuild His Life" is a project of rehabilitation of young old women prisoners, no income single mothers and young people from rehabilitation centers. The project aims to provide these young people with vocational training, counseling and financial support so that they can gain access to income generating activities. This project also includes the creation of a permanent office support and incentive to engage these young people in the life of the community programs. "
"CHANGE FOR A BETTER LIFE" - a project for street youth in Hochiminh city
Vietnam / 2012

The project is expected to support the street youth in Hochiminh city, Vietnam, to overcome their past background for better lives. To achieve the set goal, the project has some specific objectives as (i) to provide street youth with orientation and training in social and living skills, job orientation, business set up and self-development, (ii) set up a group of key volunteers will be capable to support the street youth and (iii) The main stakeholders (local government, CSOs, enterprises, media and the community) will be improved in awareness of the street youth issues and support to create the enabling environment for their development. Therefore, the project includes some main activities such as set up a group of volunteers and train them to approach, communicate and train the street youth, mobilize resources and supports from the stakeholders and provide training for the street youth and support them in attending vocational training courses and applying stable jobs. The project plans to use innovative approach to the street youth to make them feel comfortable and learn naturally through art, games, role plays and so on, so that encourage their brainstorming and creativity as well as their positive attitude toward active change for better lives.
"Formando Jóvenes Capacitadores"
Argentina / 2012

In its first phase, the project "Educating Young Entrepreneurs" aims at benefitting 100 people, distributed in groups of 10 per course through 10 training courses in trades, baking, sewing and servicing pc's, introductory courses consist of classes taught once a week with the goal of developing two types of skills: 1. techniques corresponding to knowledge of the craft, 2. socio-labor, corresponding to values, attitudes and behaviors essential for Training for Work, providing tools for developing employability and future endeavors. The main objective of the second stage is to get at least two graduates of each course, part of another advanced course in technical institutions near the area, deepening his training, sharing experiences with youth from other neighborhoods and trained as trainers for future transmit the acquired knowledge to a new group with accompanying UTPMP.
"Kampong Biogas" a Village Energy Independent as a Professional Firm by Urban Youth Citizen
Indonesia / 2012

This project is about Kampong Biogas. Kampong Biogas is a village energy independent which functions as training center for biogas, provide service for biogas installation, tourism resort/”study visit” place, and research center for renewable energy. It will be commercialized as a professional company owned by urban youth citizen. This system can support for spreading renewable energy technology to the wider public. Then, it can inspire other potential villages to make new Kampong Biogas. This system can support for spreading renewable energy technology to the wider public. Then, it can inspire other potential villages to make new Kampong Biogas. Seven villages in Yogyakarta Province, Indonesia will be built. This project would use cow dung as the source of biogas. There are 281,882 cows throughout Yogyakarta. Hence, it has a huge biogas’s potency. Kampung biogas will be built in all district of Yogyakarta Province, there are: Gunungkidul, Bantul, Sleman, and Kulonprogo. 10 units of biogas will be built in every village. So that totally will be 70 units of biogas after accomplishing this project. This biogas will directly benefit for about (5people/familyX10unitsX7villages=350people). Then, Kampong Biogas will run a new model of business on renewable technology implementation. Biogas technology that will be offered is so worthy. It is cheap (only 230USD per biogas unit), easy to build and maintenance. It can produce about 3 hours of gas for cooking, and its reliability is until 3-4 years.
"Pista de Baile sin vicios ni basura" (la cultura de la calle convertida en oportunidad empresarial y solución ecológica)
Peru / 2012

The project seeks to develop artistic and entrepreneurial capacities of 80 at-risk youth, who subsist dancing and painting graffiti, and are prone to delinquency, they come from the most populated districts of the province Trujillo (La Esperanza).
"Sayari Wayna" (vocablo quechua / quiere decir: "Levántate Joven")
Peru / 2012

Sayari Wayna is a pilot project that seeks to promote entrepreneurship and self-employment, by its nature involves the implementation with machinery and equipment, 2 mini projects: Auto Repair & Bicycles Tricycles and Vulcanization Workshop Vehicle Tires. The project is located in the altiplano in the Andes of southern Peru at 3,825 meters, Juliaca city district with over 350 thousand inhabitants, jurisdiction of the province San Román, Department of Puno - Peru. The objective is to: Promote labor technical training skilled labor of young people from poor social strata of rural migrants; perspective to install own self-employment workshops, and get a better income and employment practice promotion of family environment future
"Urban employment agency/ bureau for young people with disabilities"
Kyrgyzstan / 2012

The project aims to promote effective and inclusive employment of young persons with disabilities by enhancing their capacity and competitiveness, as well as creating equal opportunities in the labor market in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. The project will last for 12 months on the principles of a comprehensive approach to creating equal opportunities in employment of young people with disabilities.Kyrgyzstan has never previously held job fair for young people with disabilities. This component of the project will expand the horizon of vision of the target group. Create new opportunities for social recovery and reintegration of young persons with disabilities (YPWDs). Will be produced and distributed a special, visual aids for the employment of disabled people and the skills of independent job search. Information work about the experience of successful practices in employment of young persons with disabilities will improve the existing opinion of employers about YPwD.
1000 Young Women (Political & Economic Empowerment)
Sierra Leone / 2012

1000 Young Women project is 10 months youth-led initiative to provide 1,000 disadvantaged young women around Freetown urban areas with skills and resources to be able to develop their own sustainable micro-enterprises, increase access to land and jobs, and have a say in the governance of their localities. 1000 Young women operates through a network of private and public sector partners to provide support with resources and skills. The project will create a training and empowerment hub called ‘ URBAN WOMEN BUSINESS CENTRE. Young women will be recruited and encouraged to come to the centre . They will get advice and practical support on how to access land (laws and processes); and support to setting up of business and management.
Action Solidarité pour la Jeune fille Mère en Difficulté. (A.S.J.M.D)
Burkina Faso / 2012

This project is composed of three main activities aiming at supporting the teenage-mothers of Ouagadougou in their social insertion: - Implementation of a center where teenage-mother can discuss their issues - Training of the teenage-mothers in hairdressing, stitching or food production, as well as providing 15 of them with internship positions. - Creation of three small enterprises after these trainings.
Agir pour les jeunes défavorisés de Yaoundé 2
Cameroon / 2012

The project called "acting for the deprived youth of Yaoundé II" aims at training the young beneficiaries in sewing, hairdressing, decoration, home-related work and ICT. The project establishes partnerships with the local and private institutions aiming at facilitating their professional insertion and enhancing their chances to access micro-credit.
Bibliothéque solidaire
Morocco / 2012

This project aims at implementing a social library in Tata. Its purpose is both to support young people in their studies as well as pushing them to civic engagement. The project is conceived in two parts. First, students are given tutoring and resources (books and grants) to succeed in their studies. Secondly, the project aims at enhancing their civic skills by leading them to discuss about human rights and civic engagement (workshops, discussions, advocacy campaigns). This project target recently graduated students who are unemployed, notably in IT and foreign language.
Capacity Building and Income Generation for Sex Workers
Fiji / 2012

The project aims at youth sex workers in the Western and Northern divisions of Fiji with education, vocation and capacity building opportunities. To support sex workers out of the industry, they require access to education, knowledge, support and opportunity to earn money by an alternative means. This will contribute to decreased HIV transmission risk, promote entrepreneurship and employment and increase the communities ability to advocate their needs.
Construyendo mi espacio personal, construyendo mi vida
Nicaragua / 2012

This project involves the construction of housing for young women aged between 15 and 32 years through a process of recovery and empowerment have achieved independent living. It will take place in Managua, Nicaragua, in order to facilitate a personal space to ensure the protection and access to basic services through a basic housing alternative spaces from the perspective of social and gender. The activities covered include construction of 4 houses for young women, this process implies that the basic housing construction will result from the perspective of women, the coordination between the institution and the organization and construction advice from a social science especialesta urnbanismo particular gender. Training of at least 54 women between 12 and 32 years on the issue of gender and planning, promoting, from a systemic approach, consideration of housing and social espaicos as a tool of autonomy for women
Creating a self sustaining network among the Disabled Youths in Blantyre Urban, Malawi
Malawi / 2012

The Project aims at Supporting the development of youth networks on sustainable urban development and will majorly focus on disabled youths i.e. Preparing the youths who are most disadvantaged on the ills of climate change by creating a self sustaining network of disabled youths. The main Objectives of the Project are: 1.To Develop a network of Disabled Youths in Blantyre Urban 2.To improve the livelihoods of 20 Youths with disabilities through training them in sustainable gardening and fruit orchard. 3.To engage the disabled youth in campaign against climate change
Desde los Barrios, para todas las mujeres jóvenes del país
Argentina / 2012

This project is part of the initiative "Week for the Rights of Youth", which seeks to iestablish an annual space for the Rights of young people and adolescents, promote knowledge exchange and expression for youth and adolescents in the country and promote reflection about their rights and their beliefs/opinions
Disadvantaged Urban Youth Entrepreneurship, Organic Vegetable Production, Food Processing and Marketing Project
Philippines / 2012

Promoting entrepreneurship among youths in urban slums in Dipolog City, Philippines using the Competency-based Economies Formation of Entrepreneurs or CEFE and focus on producing organically-grown vegetables using vermi-compost as fertilizer and then food processing and marketing for neighborhood markets. CEFE is highly adaptable, action-oriented and experiential approach combining enterprise development and adult training activities aimed at income generation, job creation and business growth and most useful for people with low schooling. Vegetables will be grown using simple hydrophonics or soil-less cultivation and containers and in available spaces and using recycled materials as growing medium. Fertilizer will come from household wastes which comprises 90% organic. Aside from vegetables raising of animals such as pigs and chickens in cages will be done. ALEY-NM will produce the seeds and seedlings to be grown and distribute this depending on available areas, capabilities and agri-technical requirements. We will provide high-valued vegetables such as beans, moringa, eggplants, bitter gourds, etc. Vegetable production will be staggered so harvest can be done regularly. The vegetables produced will be processed by women for marketing. Urban slum families have no access to vegetables and are deficient in micro-nutrients such as Vitamin A, iron and iodine and this is a move to improve nutrition and well-being. Vegetables have shorter cycles, fast growing, require little space and very dependable and are resilient food security option for vulnerable urban populations. We will provide support in food products presentation and marketing. We will target 400 youth beneficiaries who will participate in the project and aside from direct entrepreneurial support, they will be organized into neighborhood clusters and trained on organization-building and development so that they are able to network, lobby, expand, sustain and chart their own destinies.
Drive Out Philippi Radio
South Africa / 2012

The project is called: Drive out Philippi Radio, which is in essence a mobile radio station build into a van or truck. The aim of this Radio Station is to give the youth of the Philippi township, near Cape Town- South Africa a platform to be heard. As this is a mobile unit, the Station will be able to bring relevant news, discussions and local entertainment to the public. Issues as substance abuse, gender-based violence, child abuse and HIV/AIDS will be part of a broad program of awareness development, breaking taboos and eliminating misunderstandings. The successful way this is done in democracy is by stimulating and developing various viewpoints on a topic – which is certainly there but is often not voiced publically. True empowerment would be to create a platform that would allow for multiple views on any topic to sit comfortably alongside each other which is the ultimate aim. This could be encouraged by infotainment which combines oneliner journalism or standup comedians together with entertainment that takes the edge of more serious topics.
Pakistan / 2012

This project will established a small market for disadvantage youth & recovering persons/ex-addicts because after drug treatment A revolving fund for disadvantage youth which issue micro credit to the disadvantage youth especially recovering persons/ex-addicts and their family members is planned. This project will hire a suitable open place for market in Gujranwala city and establish market for disadvantage youth. The Rising Youth Forum (RYF) and Pakistan Youth Organization (PYO) construct stalls/shops in that place. Then the shops/stalls will allot to the disadvantage youth and charge some rent from the allotee to sustain this project. Initially loan will issue to 20 disadvantage youth. On repayment of the loan from the Dawn market members in installment. When fund have sufficient amount then fund will issue loan to other members. Then the more members will get benefit from the fund. This process will on and sustain for the next years. This project provide equal opportunity to male, female members especially recovering persons/ex-addicts and allot them a shop/stall in market and sanction a small loan for establishment of business. Member will repay the credit in small installments. Fund will charge some mark up from members to make them sustainable. Rent of Stalls and mark up will helpful for sustainability of this project. Steering committee consisting two members from both organization and one members from community will supervise the whole process of the project.
Empowering Street Youth to Take Part in the Construction Industry for Sustainable and Inclusive Urban Agenda in Bahir Dar
Ethiopia / 2012

The Objectives of this project include: (1) Provide inclusion and employment opportunity for 50 street youth in Bahir Dar, (2) Enhance the participation of the Network in alleviating urban challenges and (3) provide an exemplary approach to sustainably establish disadvantaged youth. The beneficiaries are 50 street youth (30 girls and 20 boys) who are aged 18 to 29. Major activities include: (1)Organizing the youth, certification and establishing partnership among stakeholders, (2) Securing site, machinery, power, training, insurance and market networks, (3)Mining, gravel manufacturing and transacting and (4) Support, follow up, supervise, measure, evaluate, feedback and graduate. Management and members of the Network are responsible to provide training, support and follow-ups at voluntary intervention level of terms. Facilitating organizations including City Council of Bahir Dar and Regional Office of UNICEF shall assume additional supervisory role.
Empowerment of urban Dalit / saltpan workers youth in livelihoods for assuring social and economical security
India / 2012

This project for urban slum youths who belong to dalit / salt pan worker community in Vedaraniyam Municipality area. The project aims to give training in computer, garments making and napkin making training.
Ending Slum Youth Stigma for Sustainable Development
Nepal / 2012

The project, led by Saathi Sanga Manka Kura (SSMK) meaning Chatting with My Best Friend, the most popular radio program in Nepal, in partnership with the groundbreaking slum girls’ theatre group Nawa Tara Kishori Samuha (NTKS) meaning New Star Girls’ Group, creates opportunities for youth from the slum to have a voice, to increase their self-understanding and self-worth, and for girls in the slum to increase their knowledge and ability to practice healthy and informed decisions regarding cleanliness, hygiene, and women’s issues. This project specifically focuses on a key intersection, that of health and stigma in Kathmandu, Nepal.
Entrepreneurial opportunities for school dropouts
Indonesia / 2012

The project will be located at Sendana, Majene regency, West Sulawesi Province, Indonesia.o provide knowledge and skills of entrepreneurship for young people, who already have basic skills for entrepreneurship, but cannot start an enterprise because they do not have working capital. The other objective is to prevent the youth from migrating to Malaysia. There is a tendency of young people looking for work there, on the plantation. For women, it is feared that they will become sex workers on the plantations or in the cities of Malaysia.The project will finance the 20 people young entrepreneur (out of 40 trained youth) with 5 types of work are: carpenters, hair salons, motor repair shop, food stalls, and computer anf handphone repairmen. Each recipient of funds will recruit 2-5 people as workers, especially who have attended the training process, but have not received a working capital.
Establishment of youth-led mushroom cultivation training and research center in Armenia
Armenia / 2012

The project is directed to establish the first Armenian training and research center for youth-led mushroom cultivation enterprise promotion, training and market development. Duration of the project is 12 month. The training center will be established in Masis city but participants of trainings will be gathered from all urban communities of Ararat region. The training center will be operated by the young professionals from Young Biologists Association and partner organizations. In the project trainings will be organized for more than 100 young people (18-30 years old), which give them the an opportunity to gain theoretical and practical skills in oyster mushroom cultivation process, consultancy for establishment of own mushroom cultivation enterprise etc. The selection of the participants will be based on their capacity to develop mushroom enterprise, considering gender equality, welfare. The alumni of trainings will receive post-training continual material support (free or low-cost spawn, cultivation bags) from training center. The training center will be also carrying out the scientific research to introduce cultivation of new species of edible mushrooms in Armenia, to promote of non-waste technology (usage of agricultural waste as a substrate, application of used substrate).
Estrategia de atención estructural para Jóvenes Cabeza de Familia en estado de vulnerabilidad en la Localidad de San Cristóbal
Colombia / 2012

The project's goal is to empower teens householders in strata 1 and 2 whose status and that of their families who are at risk or vulnerable by being unemployed. With training seeks to give the opportunity to improve their conditions of vulnerability. This population is comprised of 50 teens headed households distributed in 25 single mothers and 25 fathers householder also teenagers. To this end, we develop skills in the areas of Computer and Telecommunications Systems (VoIP) and Entrepreneurship Training in addition to this training module paternity / maternity responsible: "how to be better parents."
Fomentando los emprendimientos sociolaborales y empresariales de las juventudes del Barrio Paleca.
El Salvador / 2012

The project aims to "encourage entrepreneurship business, labor and youths Paleca Quarter" in the municipality of Ciudad Delgado, that will improve their living conditions ", generating self-employment opportunities for young people and business management. Additional training them and developing technical skills professionals. the project also contemplates the joint processes of youth socio youth networks that influence the formulation of public policies and programs in the municipality of Ciudad Delgado. the project will last 10 months and will com beneficiaries direct 25 young men and women between 15-32 years of age.
Formación política y participación ciudadana de jóvenes de Barrios Marginados en la ciudad de El Alto Bolivia
Bolivia / 2012

This project aims to start a political campaign that will see the participation of at least 100 young people between 15 and 24 in the poorest neighborhoods of the city of El Alto. The main activities includes education and training on development, conducting research on their livelihoods, and encouraging participatory actions on governance amongs the youth. The goal is to raise awareness and tell the paths and stories of young people and their families, and promote their opportunities and actions for change towards the environment, education, work, social exclusion, violence, and general governance in the neighbourhood.
Bolivia / 2012

The project is a proposed to educate and train 50 socially disadvantaged young graduates (men and women) in the city of La Paz (divided into two groups). The project will run for seven months after which it will produce qualified young men and women in Food and Nutrition technology.
Good Girls Cooperative Pastry Project
Liberia / 2012

The project's main aim is Rehabilitation and training of 100 already identified, screened female sex workers into a group bakery business, with identified customers for the products being various NGOs and similar organizations operating in the area.
ICT Enabled Life Skill and Sexuality Education for Adolescent Girls
Gambia / 2012

This Project aims is Setup of a girl-focused ICT Centre for training and job skill improvement. The training includes specialized gender-based trainings in sexual health, as well as creation of CDs to further disseminate the training content.
Improve the quantitiy and quality production of soaps
Tanzania / 2012

This project will provide sustainable enterprise and self-employment to many members who will actually become business oriented at Machengwe town area in away that there an access of coconuts that will facilitate the production of coconut oil for effect process for soap making and hence the group members and nearby town areas of Machengwe will need no longer seek employment elsewhere as this project enables them to earn substantial income. Also, this project will enable the coconut farmers in Machengwe town surely have a steady substantial income by selling their coconuts to the organization. As production requirement grows, more coconut farmers will be involved including those in the nearby towns of Konde, Msuka, Makangale, Kiuyu and Wingwi.as Mkipi organization will also buy their coconuts. Compared to their copra income which is presently at low rate due to the lack of modern machines for production of coconut oil. These farmers will be much better off selling their coconuts to the group and earn profit.
Improve young women and men in skill training
Tanzania / 2012

The general objective of the project is to contribute to the poverty reduction efforts of the government by providing different skill trainings to enable disadvantaged youth to become self-employed and self-supportive citizens. This project will provide short-term skill trainings on income generating activities for 50 people living with HIV/AIDS, on carpentry, metalwork, building and construction, electronics, catering and housekeeping.
Colombia / 2012

Consists of providing theoretical and practical tools to the / o youths to thereby strengthen their leadership and organizational processes youth in neighborhoods for the enforcement of rights. To do this we will, for 10 months, activities such as workshops situational diagnosis for socioeconomic characterization of the youth population, training workshops, talks, tutorials and creation and implementation of social projects.
Argentina / 2012

The project aims to targer young people who, having been marginalized for a variety of reasons, do not have the skills necessary to enter the labor market. The project will take place in La Matanza, Buenos Aires Province, with the aim of encouraging self-employment/suataining and entrepreneurship among youth. The project will carry on for 12 months, with 40 young people with troubled family situations and low quality of education.The main activities consists of summoning, training and field work, with special considerations to young people who lack access to education and other opportunities
Tanzania / 2012

Livestock keeping serve as critical role for most community leaving around project area, and generally serves as an important source of meat, income and farm yard manure for crop production. Because large number of chicken kept are indigenous breeds facing low production per animal in both eggs and meat. To overcome these problems, this project will improve 1) local chicken production, 2) youth economic empowerment and 3) communities’ sustainable livelihood.
Palestine / 2012

Nahada "Rising Up" is a project which seeks to educate and empower youth in the town of Silat Althaher, Palestine. The town is half way between the cities of Nablus and Jenin north of the West Bank, and right of Road 60 which connects the north the west of the West Bank. The project seeks to achieve its goal through reviving the Youth Club in the town, using the Youth Club to carry out activities aimed at educating, training, and empowering youth. The project will last for twelve months. It will begin with furnishing the Youth Club and rebuilding the library in it. The space of the club lacks chairs, tables, and shelves, and the library does not have books that encourage youth to read. After this step the community, including the school and the municipality will attend meetings that bring the Youth Club back to their attention, and that makes youth aware that the Youth Club is being revived. The next step will be to hold lectures for youth in the Youth Club on issues of democracy, human rights, and political participation. The process itself will bring the youth back to the Youth Club, and make them use the resources there. As for the lectures themselves, they are aimed at encouraging the youth to take the initiative within the youth Club, so that in the end the youth will rise with the Youth Club. Other activities will be carried, including workshops on creative writing, and all of them will come to be organized by youth, including teachers tutoring for high schools students, and students volunteer to tutor other younger students.
Brazil / 2012

The project will mobilise young people to come together and discuss the situations, problems and needs of the urban youth in Ceará, after which they will discusse the necessary policies to meet these demands.
Nigeria / 2012

The project; POVERTY ALLEVIATION AMONG DISABLED YOUTHS (PAADY) is targeted at improving the livelihood of disabled youths. They will provide entrepreneurship, help them register and set up small scale businesses. Among the 30 selected disabled youths are 10 disabled young men and 20 disabled young women.
Programa integral para la promoción del derecho al hábitat y desarrollo de prácticas alternativas sustentables en el Distrito Metropolitano de Quito
Ecuador / 2012

The proposal is to promote the right to housing and the development of sustainable practices from the establishment of exchange and learning spaces with youth of the Metropolitan District of Quito. To this end, the project includes the implementation of a micro led by 10 youths belonging to social organizations.
Projet de réinsertion socioéconomique de 80 jeunes défavorisés de la cité de Baraka.
Congo, DR / 2012

This project aims at training 80 deprived young people from Baraka Town in Congo. They will be trained in hairdressing and home-made soap making.They will also follow business courses. At the end of these trainings, the young people will be divided in 13 groups - each of them constituting a small enterprise - and the organization will support them technically and financially.
Promoting Youth Participation in Urban governance
Zambia / 2012

The main objective of the Project is to reduce poverty among youths. The TRCDA group intends to select 100 youths from 5 townships and train them in leadership and advocacy skills supported with linkages to umbrella network organizations for joint advocacy initiatives and development of IEC materials. A number of initiatives shall be designed and implemented throughout the project lifespan aimed at achieving its goal. The project beneficiaries shall be youths of both gender covering 100 direct and 3000 indirect beneficiaries. The approaches will be to increase youths awareness of their right to participate in local decision-making processes and to strengthen urban youth groups ability to influence decision makers and participate in local policy planning and implementation. The project will also support CSO initiatives that aim to increase youth forums for dialogue with public institutions and support the efforts of their member-base to effectively influence, articulate and monitor pro-poor policies in the district.
Benin / 2012

The project will be carried out in Batouri in an informal settlement in the East region of Cameroon. The objectives of the project are to; train 300 youth leaders from 25 youth groups, alleviate poverty and promote sustainable urbanization, train youths that can be future trainers, encourage the usage of organic waste as organic manure and reduce environmental pollution, provide surplus meat and vegetables.
Promotion of Micro Concrete Roofing [MCR] Tiles through skill training of Youths for Sustainable Employment generation.
India / 2012

The project will be implement in district place at Balaghat. Housing is not eco friendly because in the roof people using burnt tiles, which create deforestation. The project is planned to promote micro concrete roofing tiles through giving apportunity to youths as sustainable livelihood also. The MCR tiles are eco friendly, durable and reducing deforestation. The project will trained around 30 youths and promote them as entrepreneur. In long term these trained youth will establish production unit of MCR as individual or in group. Initially organization will trained and improve skills of youths, specially youths living under below poverty line, socially and economically backward, infected and affected with HIV. 30 youths will be trained with the project in three batch. Each batch training will for 45 days. During the training the trainee will learn how to prepare MCR [Micro Concrete Roofing] tiles, hadleling of machine, Production cost, Market survey, Demand, Bank relationship, marketing skills, management of production unit. Innovative approach of marketing etc.
Reel Talk: Confronting Global Gender Disparities Through Digital Media
Uganda / 2012

The main objective of the project is to use film, digital media, and photography as a platform, to provide young girls with training, artistic license and communication skills to transform the community behaviours regarding gender issues. The girls will be enrolled in a 4-months training program on leadership development, capacity-building, and media arts skills. Short and educational films will be produced by the girls, distributed to schools and NGOs in Uganda and posted on popular online platforms.
Rehabilitation Program of Unemployed Youth in Bethlehem Refugees Camps
Palestine / 2012

Ongoing occupation and unstable political, social, and economic conditions reflected negatively on all aspects of the Palestinian live in particular youths. The current statistics shows the unemployment rate in West Bank is 45%, the unemployment in the refugee camps is 37%, and between youth in refugee camps is 42%. Most of youth in the refugee camps are spending many years in searching for a job opportunities and large part of them are lost the hope and spent all their time on the roads and the coffees. The main obstacle in front of these youth is their lack ness to the skills and experiences which strengthening their opportunity to have a career. These youths are in needs to be rehabilitated and equipped with the required skills and experience that compliance with labor market needs. This project is aim to rehabilitate 75 youth in 3 refugees camps in Bethlehem governorates (Aida , Azza , Dehesha) aged from 25 to 35 years old through 12 months in order to be ready to enter the labor market.
Renforcer les jeunes de la Ville de Sotouboua pour un développement durable de la ville.
Togo / 2012

The main activities planned are the implementation of a participatory assessment needs, in order to target the most vulnerable youth and to point out their needs in terms of training, potential jobs and civic engagement. 70 youth will trained, given positions and followed. Al activities will be monitored and evaluated in a participatory manner. This project aims also at increasing the influence of these young people onto society by helping them building a network.
Seamstresses Training Enterprise Program in Upper East Region (STEP UP program)
Ghana / 2012

The STEP UP project overall objective is to reduce poverty among 25 young seamstresses in the city of Bolgatanga. The strategy is to set up a sales shop and workshop as educational facility to give the girls additional training on entrepreneurial issues, quality production, and at the same time provide the infrastructure, where they work and earn their income in a self-managed business. YHFG will also offer educational seminars on reproductive health and sexual rights to improve responsible family planning.
Tanzania / 2012

This project aims to improve the soap production quality and quantity of a small unit led by disadvantaged women. The project includes collaboration with both local and national authorities. The main activities are: - purchase and installation of a new soap machine - training on entrepreneurship and marketing for 20 young women - training on machine operation and soap production for 20 young women
Tanzania / 2012

The goal of this project is to stimulate and mobilize the community participation in solid waste management and to enable young disadvantaged people to create income from waste. This project will include training programs to enhance knowledge of the solid waste management, sensitization of the public on the risks due to lack of waste management and a scaling up of the existing plastic recycling factory.
The People's Kitchen
Cambodia / 2012

Over 57% of people in Kampong Speu are living below the poverty line. Working from dawn until dusk, they risk their health and serious injury to collect re-saleable goods, such as plastic bottles to sell on to local recycling agents. Discarded food is also collected as an additional calorie source. UNICEF identifies the province as a trafficking hotspot and UNIAP identify key causal factors as rural-urban migration, education and unemployment. Almost 90% of trafficked children leave voluntarily, aided by family, friends, or neighbours and societal breakdown has shattered the traditional support mechanisms of the family, the temple, and community elders. People's Kitchen will function as an SME restaurant in the heart of the community in while also providing vocational training to youths through patrnership with the Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation (MOSVY). Youths will be given comprehensive training and employment through classes in food preparation, nutrition and basic accountancy among others. These will be supplemented by informal education classes in human rights and life-skills provided by SSF and Cambodia Youth for Development Society Organisation (CYDSO) partners. Alongside poverty, our research has shown that a lack of awareness is a major facilitator of trafficking and therefore our project targets women and girls as a priority for project success. Key to the project will be community mentors who work in the community through the People's Kitchen as a human rights and anti-trafficking information portal. These mentors will be based at the People's Kitchen but will also act as mentors for vulnerable youths to increase access to vulnerable communities and also maximise local awareness of trafficking dangers.
Tlalana: Autogestión y Jóvenes
Mexico / 2012

Community Development Project from youth educational process, designed to help them solve their problems in a self-managed communities. He carried out various activities in the Metropolitan Area of Mexico City, over 10 months, directly benefiting about 50 young people who will become leaders and community advocates.
Waste minimization and poverty elleviation among youth
Tanzania / 2012

Project's main aim is Job creation through Waste management which will be done by youth at different levels and Zanzibar Municipal council. This project will be done at Shehia of Kisauni for provision of Factory and Waste collection for processing. The finished products of feeds will be sent to Matemwe for poultry production. We have existing building at Kisauni which will be utilized for keeping Factory and waste collection. We required to have feeds grinding and mixing machines, bone crushing machine and oil extraction machine for utilizing wastes into feeds. We have youth with the problem of capital in Matemwe, who will be selected and educated of about 20 youth for the first six months and another 20 youth for remaining six months. They will be given capital in terms of 200 day old chicks of broiler, 10 bags of feeds and medicine for poultry production for each.Objectives of the project will be waste minimization, poverty alleviation, sustainabilty of the Organization, and job creation.
Yo Decido. Agenda ciudadana de las mujeres jóvenes
Mexico / 2012

This initiative intends to contribute to the democratic development of the City by strengthening citizenship marginal urban young women. One of the innovative components of this project is that this thought from young women to other young women and recognized as strategic both generational dialogue as building from popular education.
Young Reporters for Citizenship “ YRC “
Palestine / 2012

YRC project will offer a platform of dialogue and communication for young Palestinians and creates skilled reporters on citizen media to advocate democracy and tolerance. It will set up a “Youth Observatory on Media outreach” in Gaza Strip in order to provide practical and theoretical trainings on civic education and media uses for young and children. Daily website and monthly magazine will be launched to address issues related to democratic governance, freedom of expression, citizenship, human rights, gender, social and culture themes. In addition, the project will support community initiatives and outreach campaigns to promote dialogue and fundamental rights for young between (15 – 30 years) with special focus on females.
Youth and skill Development Project
South Sudan / 2012

The Project is an Entrepreneurship, business improvement and job-creation program targeting large numbers of disadvantaged youth (including youth-heads-of-household, single mothers, and other categories). Project aims to reach 600 youth in Juba.
Youth Economical Empowerment
Yemen / 2012

Taiz has the highest population rate12%, it is well known for its location and its educational outcomes. However, it has the highest rate of poverty (25%) of the 46% of the whole country (UN 2010). A recent study released by Saba News website states that 75.6% of the unemployed is youth as also indicated in the MOCSI records where 35000 registered unemployed educated youth, but there were only 5000 governmental opportunities in 2010. project is designed on the basis of "Youth-to-youth" theme because the youths themselves will be engaged totally in the project starting with training (theoretical and technical), creating, designing and establishing their micro-projects, with the objective of economically empowering 30 youths of the disadvantaged youths (including the marginalized groups) in Taiz, Republic of Yemen, to contribute in improving their economical status. The project duration is 8 months
Zimbabwe / 2012

This is a skills training/empowerment project aimed at training 100 youth in solid waste management and making recycled products whose resale will raise income for the youth. Products to be made include organic fertilizer, handmade paper, plastic castings and aluminum foil artifacts. With the theme of improved waste management at source the project will be located in Harare's high density suburb of Mabvuku/Tafara and will run for twelve months. it will target both youth in school and those out of school and will work with a total of 1700 direct beneficiaries.
Youth Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Urban Agriculture
Brazil / 2012

This project is a strategy of socioproductive inclusion for youth from slums on the outskirts of Pentecoste. Wants to empower talent and knowledge that were brought with their families from rural areas to create economic opportunities for work and income in urban areas. Consists on deploy productive groups of young people working with sustainable urban agriculture, by the concepts and practices of cooperatives and agro-ecological models. At the end of the project, it is expected that groups of young people are producing and selling vegetables made in agroecological system for the region's markets. Generating jobs and supplementing the income of their families.
Youth leadership program for livable city
China / 2012

With the observation that most of cities in China are facing the same biodiversity protection challenge on the way to a livable city, Green Student's Forum (GSF) believes it is an issue should and can be changed by youth through long term action. Thus this program aims at promote more and more young people to concern and take action to protect urban biodiversity. This program will select 25 young people, especially who lives in west China with vulnerable ecosystem, give them trainings about essential knowledge, skills and management method to protection urban biodiversity. This 25 youth will go back to their community, found youth groups to work on urban biodiversity protection. Select 10 projects from them, and support their urban biodiversity protection actions with fund and technology, including biodiversity investigation, biodiversity map production, public education, campaign etc.
Agente joven de mediación comunitária
Brazil / 2011

The project will promote the dissemination of human rights and conflict mediation in a favela from Brazil with lots of vulnerable youth. It is well structured, and has a strong contribution towards sustainable urbanization and youth-led development as it empowers youth to influence local government in urban planning issues. The organization also counts with large experience in the area and strong partnerships.
Al Toque Negro:La juventud afrodescendiente fortalece su identidad, ejerce sus derechos y transforma
Uruguay / 2011

The project will make youth with afroamerican heritage into subjects of rights and local development actors through human rights workshops. Although there are problems in its budget, the project empowers youth to influence local government in urban issues.
Better habitat, skills training and sustainable employment for Young people'.
Tanzania / 2011

Focused on vocational and business training for marginalized and highly at-risk youth in low-cost block making and construction. Key aim of the project includes trainees building their own homes with the acquired skills and income.
Building communities through compost
India / 2011

Innovative project that aims to establish a major composting program, train youth on waste management and establish community gardens. The applicant has strong proven experience and established partnerships.
Ciudades Armoniosas de Hip Hop, Paz y Juventud
Colombia / 2011

The project will strenghen an already existing youth platform and ten other youth organizations through arts. The participants are leaders of youth organization located in difficult environments. The project will strengthen the organizational capacity, mobilization, leadership, criteria, and political foundations, so that they can do a positive impact on public policies that actively contribute to building safer cities.
Computer training and employment preparation for youth
Nepal / 2011

Solid project that trains young afghani men and women in ICT to improve their employability.
Creating an enabling environment for youth of Gwandu LGA to attain self & economic independence.
Nigeria / 2011

Project aims at establishing a youth center on land donated by local authorities. The project will train youth in entrepreneurship and provide micro-finance. The applicant has proven experience in working with youth, entrepreneurship and micro-finance. Sustainability measures put in place and the project involves partners adding value to the project.
Création de la filière de recyclage des déchets dans la commune VI du District de Bamako
Mali / 2011

Contributes to sustainable urbanization and to better living conditions by training youth in waste mangement and to set up small scale businesses. Sustainability measures put in place. The applicant organization is fully youth-led and has proven managment experience in similar projects.
Development of Rubbish Bank, Youth Empowerment, and Creative Economy: based on environmental Health
Indonesia / 2011

The projectcontributes to sustainable urbanization by educating youth in waste management and help them set up businesses where they can sell products made out of the waste. The project will construct an office and a composting site.
Digital Expression
Yemen / 2011

Innovative and important project that aims to train young people in news and video production, thus strengthening the voice of youth in society.
DISABILITY IS NOT INABILITY PROJECT: awareness and capacity building for urban disabled youth
Sierra Leone / 2011

Innovative and sustainable project that contributes towards sustainable urbanization by empowering young disabled people to get employment and access to housing while carrying out advocacy for the rights of disabled people. Appllicant has proven experience.
Dry waste collection, street cleaning and disposal management
Ethiopia / 2011

This project is for a waste Management business. It will provide a relatively large number of jobs for the youth in the area. It is also well thought out and likely sustainable beyond the funding period.
Economic Development for Disadvantaged Slum Youth (EDDSY)
India / 2011

Low-cost entrepreneurship project that teaches young men and women how to create and market products made from recycled waste.
Education and Career Advice Center for Vulnerable Youth
Mongolia / 2011

Soild projects that contributes to sustainable urbanization by setting up an career development center where youth can access information on employment, training and education. Center will have weekly events to attract youth. Project is a continuation of an informal youth advisory service. Better sustainability measures must be put in place. Applicant has proven experience.
EL INGENIO. Centro de Aprendizaje y Desarrollo de la Creatividad
Mexico / 2011

The project will train disadvantaged youth in various activities within sustainable urban development (life skills, vocational training etc.) to enable them to actively participate in their own process of transformation. As this is an ongoing project, it has already proved its sustainability and the organization's experience and capacity to conduct it. It is solid and also counts on strong partnerships.
Elimination of sexual harassment and wage discrimination among immigrant slum women
India / 2011

The project aims to mainstream women's rights, establishing cooperatives and lobbying for inclusion of disadvantaged young women in governmental wage earning schemes. Substantial partnerships with local government and police.
Employed Youth Contributing to Community Development
Mozambique / 2011

Solid project that aims to provide employment opportunities disadvantaged youth in Maputo, with a special focus on girls and young women. The project is well designed, sustainable and includes substantial partnerships with the government and other civil society organisations
Empowerment of Young Women for Engagement on Policy Formualtion of Local Councils
Palestine / 2011

Innovative project that aims at encouraging youth participation in policy formulation in Gaza, thus creating better conditions for youth.
Venezuela / 2011

The project has a strong contribution towards sustainable urbanization and youth-led development with the construction of a permanent school of Arts and Human Rights, which also contribute to the sustainability of the project. The organization has a vast experience in conducting projects and counts on important partnerships.
Ganja Slum Youth 'Learn to Earn' Computer Repair Entrepreneurs
Azerbaijan / 2011

Entrepreneurship project with a focus on ICT and apprenticeships with an identified partner. Target groups are young IDP/refugees. Applicant has already arranged a computer repair course with a Computer center that provides services to various NGOs etc. Applicant has solid proven experience.
Gestion durable des ordures ménagères dans les zones défavorisées des communes de Yaoundé 3 et 6
Cameroon / 2011

Contributes to sustainable development by creating employment to youth and a healthy living environment. Sustainability measures put in place. The project involves substantial partnerships and the applicant has proven experience.
Jóvenes X jóvenes: Organizando juventudes afectadas por el terremoto
Chile / 2011

The project will establish a Youth Platform of youth organizations to strengthen the youth initiativ in urban development in post-earthquake communities. The platform will support projects/best practices that are generated in the network. It counts on the support of strong partnerships and vast organizational experience.
Map Kibera and Beyond
Kenya / 2011

Highly innovative and impactful project that empowers communties through participatory mapping processes. Using open (public) mapping techniques and building on existing programmes the project will empower residents with valuable information and make it possible for them to engage meangingfully in slum upgrading and planning processes. The organization has strong existing partnerships and proven experience.
Potenciando las capacitadades de empleabilidad y microemprendimiento de los y las jóvenes de Renca
Chile / 2011

The project will train youth in social skills, employment and microenterprise, including sustainable development in each initiative and support, technically and financially, the formation of 15 micro businesses. The project will also establish a youthdesk composed of different organizations to analyse issues and make proposals for sustainable development. The proejct is solid, structured and gender senisitive.
Programme d’intégration de la Culture Technologique de Développement Communautaire (PRICULTE)
Haiti / 2011

The project will establish an ICT centre in Haiti and train 100 young people in computer skills thus giving young people access to information and increasing the ir employability.
Role of Community Youth in Urban Governance Enhancement Project.
Pakistan / 2011

Innovative project that trains young men and women on citizenship and advocacy and assists the youth to identify crucial development issues in their communities and meet with local government officials to influence local governenance.
Support to urban youth for social transformation and development
Uganda / 2011

This project aims to carry out peace and advocacy dialogues as well as have entrepreneurship trainings targeting over half female participation. It has the potential to be successful because they are using a proper training manual for the training. It is in Gulu - Northern Uganda
Supporting the development of youth networks on sustainable urban development
India / 2011

Innovative project establishing a network of youth groups in the slums, building capacity within the youth groups and establish partnership with local authorities. Applicant has proven experience.
Sustainable Youth Empowerment Project
Zimbabwe / 2011

Entrepreneurship program that will train disadvantaged youth in business skills and vocational skills such as shoe making, basket making and secretarial skills and help them register businesses.
Technical/vocational training for employment of disadvantaged urban youths
Bangladesh / 2011

Extensive project aiming to train disadvantaged youth in vocational skills, give them internship opportunities, establish a network of trainees and equip a selection of trainees with seed capital to start businesses.
The Abakwa Urban Youth Entrepreneur Scheme (ABU YES!)
Cameroon / 2011

Contributes to sustainable urbanization by training youth in various vocational skills, giving them interest free start-up loans, connecting them with micro-finance institutions and display best practices in a youth magazine. The project will put in place sustainability measures such as a revolving fund and the applicant will partner with local authorites,and CSOs.
Tribunes d'Expression Populaire (TEP) pour le Développement Urbain de la Ville de Goma en RDCongo.
Congo, DR / 2011

Innovative project that contributes to sustainable urbanization by creating forums for interactions between youth and authorities in order to include youth in urban development. It includes close partnership with local authorities and action plan as an outcome of the project will ensure continous youth involvement at all levels. The applicant organisation has proven experience from similar project management.
Urban Youth in Governance and Development (UYOGOD)
Ghana / 2011

Contributes to sustainable urbanization by training youth in employable skills and advocate towards autorities to direct more funds to youth. In addition the project will sensitize youth on how to access government funds and on other political issues affecting youth. The project is innovative and likely to have an impact on both community and individual level.
Kenya / 2011

A solidly focused project aiming to impact livelihoods and community health through the promotion of affordable solar-powered lighting in impoverished households (to replace kerosene, reducing both cost and health impact). Lighting in the home is a major factor in the ability of youth in school to study effectively, in addition to the health and cost issues of kerosene lighting. The organization offering the training has successful past experience with this specific technology.
Vocational training and rehabilitation of disadvantaged youth in Delhi slums
India / 2011

Solid project that provides employment opportunities for marginalised youth.
Voices From Below
Zimbabwe / 2011

Innovative project that empowers young people to mobilize the community to advocate for secure tenure and access to housing for youth.
Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Led Youth Empowerment in urban poor communities of Kathmandu
Bangladesh / 2011

Solid project aiming at creating awareness on water, sanitation and health by training young people as community facilitators and establishing community centres where techniques for composting, rainwater harvesting and water filtering can be demonstrated.
Young Citizens Media
Afghanistan / 2011

Innovative project that aims at improving delivery of basic government services through young citizen's media.
Young entrepreneurs in Community Water Development
Kenya / 2011

Integrating access to water and livelihoods, this well-designed project will set up formal, sustainable water-kiosk businesses for unemployed youth which will deliver cost-effective safe water to the communities they serve. This has a broad range of desirable impacts, including community health, decreased use of child labour for water-carrying (which reduces school participation), and economic benefits. Practical and impactful.
Youth District Platforms (YDPs)
Tanzania / 2011

This is essentially a youth empowerment program aimed at capacity building for youth to engage meaningfully in local level political processes that affect them, and includes support and training for access to finance and small business startup.
Youth for transparency
India / 2011

Innovative project that empowers young people to participate in social development by keeping check on the service provision of the local government and reducing corruption and mismanagement.
Youth Governance
India / 2011

Innovative project that aims to make young people aware of their citizens rights and how to practically access government services through training and community outreach.
Youth in Micro Enterprise for Change (Y-MEC)
Ghana / 2011

Innovative entrepreneurship project that provides long-term apprentices, establish saving groups and provides linkages with financial institutions. Project will engage partners that will add value to the project. Applicant has experience.
Youth Livelihood Initiative
Zimbabwe / 2011

Youth entrepreneurship program that will train young people in soap- and candle making and help them set up businesses.
Youth Partners for Urban Governance (YPf UG)
Uganda / 2011

This project is attempting to increase awareness of government policies and programmes. It also aims to increase participation of urban governance. It is well thought out and thereofre likely to succeed.
Youth Shadow Local Councils (YSLCs)
Palestine / 2011

Innovative project that envisages increased and effective civic participation and engagement of the youth in their communities and local governments. The project contributes towards youth-led development in urban settlements whilst empowering disadvantaged youth.
Youth solution: Empowering youth community groups to build a culture of peace in Vila Cruzeiro
Brazil / 2011

The project will strengthen the participation of youth in networks through arts or sports and training of life skills. The organization counts with strong partnerships and experience. It will also support one group of a community filled with disadvantaged youth.
YOUTH VOICE: YOUTH Voluntary Initiative for Community Education and Local Democracy in Aceh
Indonesia / 2011

Innovative project that aims to increase youth participation in governance through an alternative open school and radio broadcasting.
Youth-Led Urban Development Magazine
Rwanda / 2011

This project is run by a youth human rights and peace building organization. They plan to create a Youth-Led Development Magazine that will showcase best practices and provide advise to youth organizations. The group seems to have a high capacity and aren't trying to do too much which is a common problem
“JAIKUAA OÑONDIVE” Escuela de Liderazgo Juvenil
Paraguay / 2011

The project provides a space for marginalised youth. Youth leaders will be trained, and in cooperation with organizations working in the areas, needs and possible areas of cooperations will be maped. Based on the needs brought up by the youth themselves, the youth will be trained on various issues to help them develop projects and incorporate leadership skills. The organization counts on strong partnerships and experience in conducting projects.
Advocating Environmental Justice and Sustainable Development among Youth Slum Dwellers
India / 2010

Training of youth on waste management and establishment of Youth Eco Watch Group
Alleviation of youth poverty through Piggery
Cameroon / 2010

The project aims at training of youth on green entrepreneurship
Appropriate farming in urban settlements
Kenya / 2010

The project aims at training of youth on urban agriculture and creation of employment opportunities.
Arise for Better Life: Youth Turning Point Project
Nigeria / 2010

The project aims at training of youth on ICT, business skills and urban agriculture
Calor de hogar y agua de calidad para gente de la ciudad
Mexico / 2010

Training of the public on water and sanitation and construction of water capturing systems and ovens in houses.
Community Youth Empowerment Project
Zambia / 2010

The aim of the project is to harness the talents and energies of the youth and bringing them at the centre of development in their communities through supporting a youth driven campaign to fight poverty and establish mechanisms that empowers youth to design strategies to fight poverty and HIV/AIDS.
De nouvelles toilettes pour nos ecoles
Congo, DR / 2010

The project aims at contructing toilets in secondary schools.
Desarrollando Arternativas en Emprendimientos Sociales y Productivos a Jóvenes Urbanos marginales
Ecuador / 2010

Training of youth on entrepreneurship and establishment of youth businesses
Difusión y comercialización de productos artsanales realizado por jóvenes Emprededores.
Chile / 2010

Training of disabled youth on arts and crafts end entrepreneurship to create employment opportunities.
Drug Free Hope Community Project
Zimbabwe / 2010

The project aims to train 50 young people in business skills, give young people employment, and hence reduce youth poverty and risky behavior.
Empowering Slum Youth to Become Entrepreneurs
Azerbaijan / 2010

The aim of the project is to equip slum youth with an interactive website that will provide tools, resources, and support to become initiators of change in their communities.
Empowering youth for sustainable planned Dar Es Salaam City
Tanzania / 2010

The project aims at training of youth on business skills
Entrepreneurship Education
Vietnam / 2010

The proposed project aims to provide entrepreneurship education which include personal development, business and entrepreneurial skill development, technical, financial literacy and skills for 60 young people from low income communities in Hanoi
Entrepreneurship for Better Livelihood for Urban Youth
Sri Lanka / 2010

The aim of the project is to teach street youth food vendors new methods of more effective preparation, how to sell the food in a safe manner, and also to teach safe food handling for home use
Establishment of Online youth information and discusion forum: Vijana Forum
Tanzania / 2010

The project proposes the setting up of a portal that will be a platform where young people in Tanzania and the Diaspora network can be informed of all issues on development, and be able to propose the best way forward for the government.
Estudio de grabación semi-profesional, fortaleciendo talentos como alternativa juvenil en medio de la guerra.
Colombia / 2010

Capacity building for young artists, organization of arts festival and production of music cd.
Estudyanteng (Student) Entrepreneur Project
Philippines / 2010

Training of youth on entrepreneurship and establishment of marketing centre for their products
Fill in the Gaps
Bangladesh / 2010

The proposal project aims at youth employment generation through skills development through sewing training.
Fisherwomen Alternative Livelihood Project
Pakistan / 2010

The project aims to provide training and entrepreneurship for the young fisherwomen of the three villages isolated through the participatory problem analysis
Garbage is wealth and work
Kenya / 2010

The proposed project will equip 30 community members with knowledge in waste management, and the community at large will also be targeted for awareness raising. Potential mosquito breeding grounds, medical waste, and animal and human waste will be removed and processed, providing the community with added jobs and better health
Green Young Entrepreneurs
Senegal / 2010

The project aims at training of youth on urban agriculture and creation of employment opportunities.
Health, Environment, Livelihood
Philippines / 2010

Creating awareness on health and sanitation and establishing a waste management facility. Training women on entrepreneurship and on how to make products from recyclable materials.
Helping Urban Opportunity Neglected Youth
Ethiopia / 2010

Training on entrepreneurship for youth.
Human Value Based Water, Sanitation and Networking
Nepal / 2010

The proposed project aims at sensitizing teachers, students and the wider community on water, sanitation and hygiene issues.
ICT for Youth Development Project
Malawi / 2010

Training of youth on ICT and Hiv/Aids
Initiative for Youth Employment and Development
Cameroon / 2010

The proposed project is to benefit 50 youths by providing them with entrepreneurship training and associated income generating skills.
Integrated Youth Development Project
Zimbabwe / 2010

The aim of the project is to develop capacity building, life skills, and responsible leadership within the youth groups. The project is to target 120 urban poor youth, empowering them in the ways mentioned above, and also helping them to better secure land tenure for the establishment of micro-enterprises.
Kamaliza Waste Recycling Project
Kenya / 2010

The project aims at creating youth employment through waste recycling.
Korsang KOMAA
Cambodia / 2010

The proposed project aims to educate communities on the issues of children’s rights through 2, 2 day creative workshops in two communes in Phnom Penh where films are produced with the participation of community members
La vida es un teatro, parque recreativo y productivo gestionado y apoyado por los jovenes de la Ciudadela ecológica Nashira un Canto de Amor
Colombia / 2010

Creation of green spaces and training of young women on arts and crafts for employment.
MAdeA women's tailoring centre
Tanzania / 2010

The project aims to start a vocational school to train in the trade of tailoring called MAdeA Women's Tailoring Center.
Mengo Youth Development Link
Uganda / 2010

The project aims at training on vocational skills and provision of seed capital for youth.
Micro Entrepreneurship for Young Women
Pakistan / 2010

The Organziation will select 30 young women, will provide the 10 days training in Micro Entrepreneurship.
Micro-credit Scheme for youth
Pakistan / 2010

Training of youth on micro-entrepreneurship
Mujeres Protagonistas: Trenzando Nuevas Historias
Brazil / 2010

Training in Afro-style hairdressing and business skills for young women.
Brazil / 2010

To promote the Human Development and Social Inclusion of at-risk youth and children through the Art of Capoeira.
Pig Farming
Kenya / 2010

The project aims at training of youth on ICT and vocational skills
Promoting School Environmental Youth Clubs
Mozambique / 2010

Establishment of school environmental clubs to engage in recycling of waste
Promotion de l'hygiene et de l'assainissement
Burkina Faso / 2010

The project plans to engage in a slum cleanup and beautification campaign where the youth will be trained in ecological concepts related to the trees and plants they will establish around the slum, how to re-use and re-cycle, and waste management techniques for the slum
Promotion of Nature Friendly Low Cost Housing Techniques
India / 2010

The project proposed to address the issue of housing among the impoverished people of Balaghat by introducing the technology of Stabilized Mud Block (SMB).
Recycling of used car tyres for job creation through interest free revolving funds for vulnerable youths in Bamenda Cameroon.
Cameroon / 2010

Encouraging recycling whilst, developing youth entrepreneurs from the recycling project
Renforcement et Accompagnement des Jeunes Microentrepreneuses au Quartier Tadhamen
Tunisia / 2010

The project aims to provide vocational training to a group of young women, after which they will design their own project. They will also be trained in the management of small businesses to ensure the sustainability of their own business.
Support for IGAs and capacity building efforts of child mothers
Uganda / 2010

The proposed project supports income generating activities as well as capacity building of young mothers and it will strictly benefit female youth. The project will involve implementing credit facilities and lessons will be conducted in the identified practical skills of cookery, tailoring, metal fabrication and brick laying.
Sustainable Crime Prevention for Youth
Tanzania / 2010

Crime prevention and establishment of youth centres
Sustainable Livelihood for Peace and Development
Sierra Leone / 2010

The proposed project will train 50 youths in textile design, sewing, batik/gara tie dye techniques, and tailoring. Further, the project aims to train the youths in the management of small businesses, especially at the community level.
Sustainable Youth Empowerment
Nigeria / 2010

The proposed project aims to provide 120 young people with vocational skills and entrepreneurship training in making confectionary and fruit juices.
Tears Art and Peace Empowerment Village
Kenya / 2010

The project plans to train 250 youth in creative arts such as drama, fine art, music, dance, and fashion. The project also proposes to train the 250 youth in entrepreneurship and life skills.
Telecentre Project
Kenya / 2010

Establishing telecentre, training young people on ICT
The Girls to Mothers Project
Nigeria / 2010

The project aims at creating youth employment through urban pig farming
Urban Development Secondary School Gardens
Nigeria / 2010

The project will equip 335 selected junior and secondary school students with hands-on sustainable, modern crops cultivation and harvesting techniques to improve their knowledge in agricultural and environmental management.
Urban Youth Mobilization Program
India / 2010

The project aims are changing the status of women and children in society. It hopes to empower women through training on property rights, solid waste management, improvement in maternal health and pushing for institutional delivery of services to the poor.
Young Film Makers
Palestine / 2010

The project includes establishing a small computer lab and train 12 young Palestinians to produce short videos about the human rights situation in Palestine. The project will empower youth an allow them to be more active in their communities as well as increasing their chances of acquiring jobs in the media sector in the future.
Young Urban Environmental Leaders
Brazil / 2010

Youth will be involved in municipal recycling programs, in the creation and maintenance of valuable green space, and improving recreational opportunities for children and youth in the housing complex.
Youth Action for Empowerment
Pakistan / 2010

The proposed project aims to empower youth of both genders through the establishment of 2 Youth Friendly Centres (YFCs) in Jacobabad district, the teaching of life skills to young people who attend the YFCs and the participation of young people in literacy classes, sports and culture events organized at the YFCs.
Youth and ICT in community development
Kenya / 2010

Youth will be trained in the management of the project, and subsequent monitoring and training of other youth.
Youth employment, education and training initiative
India / 2010

The aim of the project is on empowering youth through training on self esteem, being self independent, leadership qualities, intergenerational relationships, computer technology skills etc.
Youth Empowerment
Kenya / 2010

The project aims at training of youth on urban agriculture.
Youth Empowerment for Green Job/City
Nepal / 2010

The proposed project aims at training the youth in organic waste management, compost production, gardening, flower cultivation, honey production and candle production.
Youth Empowerment Through Knowledge in Hyderabad Slums
Pakistan / 2010

Training of youth on ICT and employability
Youth Intiative for Slum Dwellers
Bangladesh / 2010

Training of youth on water and sanitation and establishment of water preserves and latrines in the slum
Youth Media and Entrepreneurship
Nepal / 2010

The aim of the project is video production. The project team will work with another ngo to educate and train youth on how to use a video camera, tripods &microphones, story boarding, shooting, composition, lighting, critical analysis of film…
Youth Participation in the Urban Settlement
South Africa / 2010

The project aims to encourage and help out-of-school black youth to seek employment in the city of Tshwane, Pretoria. Another target group for the project is rural youth migrating to the cities in search of employment.
Active Citizenship and Governance - Empowering young women to lead communities towards improved quality of lives.
India / 2015

The project aims at empowering young women to lead their communities and will focus on community mobilization and awareness building of marginalized families on accessing formal identification and government run and supported schemes on health, education and sustained livelihood.
Building Slum Youth Leadership - Changing Communities
India / 2015

The project is about empowering youth to become community leaders by using research as a tool for advocacy, community intervention, self-transformation and positive changes in 3 Muslim slum communities.
Developing Urban Youth Entrepreneurship in Organic Vegetable Production and its Marketing in slums of Hyderabad, Sindh
Pakistan / 2015

The project aims to mobilize young urban youth to promote organic agriculture entrepreneurship among youths in urban slums. The project will provide trainings and necessary material to achieve this purpose.
Economic Empowerment of Afghan Refugee Waste Picking Youth through Effective Integration with Waste Management System
Pakistan / 2015

The overall objective is to economically empower the Afghan Refugee Waste Picking Youth by increasing their incomes from the waste they collect and sell. The concept of Junk shop is innovative as it will enable these youths to develop their own enterprise for generating income and through which they will be linked with the formal sector enterprises for the expansion and recognition of their work.
Empowering and rehabilitating transgender youth
India / 2015

The project aims to train 20 transgender youth in life coping skills and technical skills through in-house intensive trainings related to employment and entrepreneurship, and aims at motivating the Tamil Nadu state government to have a comprehensive policy of employment and education to transgender as well as influence, lobby and advocate with ministry of social justice at the Indian government for transgender education, employment and human rights.
Empowerment of waste wise managers for better management of solid waste in Dimapur
India / 2015

The project is about livelihood Improvement for youth through engagement in the management of municipal solid waste. Livelihood of 50 young people aged 15 -32 years from Dimapur city will be improved by involving them as solid waste management workers through a pay-for-service project from the residents.
India / 2015

The project aims at using small-scale cultivable green spaces amongst urban slums to provide additional income through production and entrepreneurship to youth and young married women.
National Snakebite Initiative - Envenomation Mortality Research & Victim Rehabilitation & neglected Disease Study program
India / 2015

The project aims to address the neglected tropical diseases, such as Snakebite, and alleviate the suffering caused by snake bites.
Strengthening Community Resilience through Youth-driven Promotion of Safer Shelter and Settlement
Philippines / 2015

The project aims to develop community resilience and technical capacities of out-of-school youth for building and promoting safer shelter and re-settlement in cyclone-hit Compostela Valley in Mindanao.
Urban agriculture practice and implication of solid waste management
Nepal / 2015

The project aims to positively impact on urban settlements and initiate the adoption of urban agricultural practices to provide the population with low price, home-grown and quality food products from community and home gardens.
Vertical Greens in Urban Environments as Career Corridors for Disadvantaged Youth
India / 2015

The project looks into rhe creation of vertical greens & gardens as sustainable form of environmental development in urban habitat and an economic opportunity for the disadvantaged urban youth, who would be suitably trained to extend this micro-utility services against a compensating service charge to sustain their livelihood.
Yes City - Youth Empowered Sustainable Urban Development
Sri Lanka / 2015

The project aims to create a platform for urban youth to acquire power, responsibilities, authority and agency to develop essential skills to network and mobilize urban communities using social media and performance arts to influence sustainable development, governance and policy of the city they live, learn and work in. The project will be implemented in Kandy, a UN world heritage, ecological, historical and multi cultural city with 130,000+ people, fast growing, 2nd largest business and political city in Sri Lanka. The core objectives are to empower youth, promote gender equality, enable youth participation in urban development and develop employment opportunities, providing case for best practices by innovating youth-led urban development .
Youth Local Council
Yemen / 2015

The project will train youth on human rights conventions that are/have been signed by Yemen, on local authority laws and on youth leadership skills. The trained youths will form a parallel youth local council to deliver their voices to the local authority council (government establishment), mainly to the Mayor of Sanaa and to the Parliament.
Youth mobilization to empower the urban poor community for sustainable development
Nepal / 2015

The project aims to organise and capacitate youth in the communities to enhance self reliance, build solidarity and exercise their basic rights especially housing rights.
Youth Shadow Local Councils (YSLCs): Towards Inclusive Governance
Palestine / 2015

The project will focus on strengthening the capacity and experience of 3 youth shadow local councils to give them more credibility to be allowed to contribute to local policy and strategy formulation and on conducting awareness raising activities in local communities on the importance of good governance.

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These Terms of Service constitute the entire agreement between you and TakingITGlobal, and govern your use of the Service, superceding any prior agreements between you and TakingITGlobal. You also may be subject to additional terms and conditions that may apply when you use affiliate services, third-party content or third-party software. The TOS and the relationship between you and TakingITGlobal shall be governed by the laws of the Province of Ontario. You and TakingITGlobal agree to submit to the personal and exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located within the City of Toronto, Ontario. The failure of TakingITGlobal to exercise or enforce any right or provision of the TOS shall not constitute a waiver of such right or provision. If any provision of the TOS is found by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, the parties nevertheless agree that the court should endeavor to give effect to the parties' intentions as reflected in the provision, and the other provisions of the TOS remain in full force and effect. You agree that regardless of any statute or law to the contrary, any claim or cause of action arising out of or related to use of the Service or the TOS must be filed within one (1) year after such claim or cause of action arose or be forever barred.

The section titles in the TOS are for convenience only and have no legal or contractual effect.

11. Modifications to Service

TakingITGlobal reserves the right at any time and from time to time to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the Service (or any part thereof) with or without notice. You agree that TakingITGlobal shall not be liable to you or to any third party for any modification, suspension or discontinuance of the Service.

12. Termination

You agree that TakingITGlobal, in its sole discretion, may terminate your password, account (or any part thereof) or use of the Service, and remove and discard any Content within the Service, for any reason, including, without limitation, for lack of use or if TakingITGlobal believes that you have violated or acted inconsistently with the letter or spirit of the TOS. TakingITGlobal may also in its sole discretion and at any time discontinue providing the Service, or any part thereof, with or without notice. You agree that any termination of your access to the Service under any provision of this TOS may be effected without prior notice, and acknowledge and agree that TakingITGlobal may immediately deactivate or delete your account and all related information in your account and/or bar any further access to the Service. Further, you agree that TakingITGlobal shall not be liable to you or any third-party for any termination of your access to the Service.






15. Violations

Please report any violations of the TOS to us.

Privacy Policy

Effective Date: April 5, 2011

This privacy statement describes how TakingITGlobal collects and uses the personal information you provide on our Web sites: www.tigweb.org and www.tiged.org. It also describes the choices available to you regarding our use of your personal information and how you can access and update this information.

TakingITGlobal has been awarded TRUSTe's Privacy Seal signifying that this privacy policy and practices have been reviewed by TRUSTe for compliance with TRUSTe's program requirements including transparency, accountability and choice regarding the collection and use of your personal information. The TRUSTe program does not cover information that may be collected through downloadable software. TRUSTe's mission, as an independent third party, is to accelerate online trust among consumers and organizations globally through its leading privacy trustmark and innovative trust solutions. If you have questions or complaints regarding our privacy policy or practices, please contact us at urbanyouthfund@takingitglobal.org

If you are not satisfied with our response you can contact TRUSTe here.

1. What does this privacy policy cover?

This Privacy Policy covers TakingITGlobal's treatment of personally identifiable information that we collect when you are on the TakingITGlobal site or when you use TakingITGlobal's services online.

2. Information Collection and Use

TakingITGlobal collects personally identifiable information when you register as a TakingITGlobal member.

When you register with TakingITGlobal, we ask for your name, e-mail address, city, state/province, and country, as well as other optional information. Once you register with TakingITGlobal and sign in to our services, you are not anonymous to us.

TakingITGlobal also automatically receives and records information on our server logs from your browser including your IP address, TakingITGlobal cookie information and the page you requested.

Member passwords are never divulged except to members directly upon verification, and members can also hide their name from their profile if they wish. All information is kept in databases on our servers. We do not keep any hard copies of our member information in our office.

TakingITGlobal uses information for three general purposes: to customize the information/content you see, to fulfill your requests for certain services, and to contact you when you request it.

We protect against loss of information by having regular backups of data. We keep up with current standards to protect against theft of data, and regularly apply security updates and patches to ensure we are using the latest software available to protect our servers.

The security of your personal information is important to us. We follow generally accepted industry standards to protect the personal information submitted to us, both during transmission and once we receive it. No method of transmission over the Internet, or method of electronic storage, is 100% secure, however. Therefore, we cannot guarantee its absolute security. If you have any questions about security on our Web site, you can contact us at urbanyouthfund@takingitglobal.org

3. Information Sharing and Disclosure

TakingITGlobal will not share, trade, sell or rent your personally identifiable information to anyone.

TakingITGlobal may send personally identifiable information about you to other companies or people when:

  • We have your consent to share the information;
  • We are operating a web site in partnership with them (current examples: YoungPRESS, Global Youth Action Network) and they wish to contact their members;
  • We need to share your information to provide the product or service you have requested;
  • We respond to subpoenas, court orders or legal process; or
  • We find that your actions on our web sites violate the our Terms of Service or any of our usage guidelines for specific services.

Send to a Friend/e-Cards

If you choose to use our referral service to tell a friend about our site, we will ask you for your friend's name and email address. We will automatically send your friend a one-time email inviting him or her to visit the site. TakingITGlobal stores this information for the sole purpose of sending this one-time email and tracking the success of our referral program. Your friend may contact us at urbanyouthfund@takingitglobal.org to request that we remove this information from our database.


If you wish to subscribe to our newsletter(s), we will use your name and email address to send the newsletter to you. Out of respect for your privacy, we provide you a way to unsubscribe. Please see the "Choice and Opt-out" section.


We provide you the opportunity to 'opt-out' of having your personally identifiable information used for certain purposes, when we ask for this information. For example, if you sign up as a member but do not wish to receive any newsletters or marketing materials from us, you can indicate your preference on the registration form.

If you no longer wish to receive our newsletter and promotional communications, you may opt-out of receiving them by following the instructions included in each newsletter or communication or by emailing us at urbanyouthfund@takingitglobal.org

We offer an opportunity to opt-out of certain communications through E-mail Settings, or you may contact us at urbanyouthfund@takingitglobal.org to opt-out.

4. Cookies & Web Beacons

TakingITGlobal may set and access TakingITGlobal cookies on your computer, used to identify your member account and to allow for the proper functioning of the TakingITGlobal web site and accompanying services.

We use Google Analytics, which uses cookies to track non-personally identifiable information about visitors to our site in the aggregate to compile statistical reports about the activity on the Site as well as to benchmark this Site to other third parties who also use Google Analytics. This information is used by TakingITGlobal to improve the Site and its functionality.

Our Web pages contain electronic images known as Web beacons (sometimes called single-pixel gifs) and are used along with cookies to compile aggregated statistics to analyze how our site is used and may be used in some of our emails to let us know which emails and links have been opened by recipients. This allows us to gauge the effectiveness of our communications and marketing campaigns.

5. Editing your Information and Preferences

As a member, TakingITGlobal gives you the ability by clicking here to edit your Information and Preferences at any time, including whether you want TakingITGlobal to send you correspondance.

Name and Profile Picture
TakingITGlobal is designed to make it easy for you to find and connect with others. For this reason, your name and profile picture do not have privacy settings. If you are uncomfortable with sharing your profile picture, you should delete it (or not add one). You can also control who can find you when searching on our site or on public search engines using the Applications and Websites privacy setting.

Data Retention
We will retain your information for as long as your account is active or as needed to provide you services. If you wish to cancel your account or request that we no longer use your information to provide you services contact us at urbanyouthfund@takingitglobal.org We will retain and use your information as necessary to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, and enforce our agreements.

Customer Testimonials/Comments
Members can post testimonials or comments on our web site which may contain personally identifiable information. By submitting a comment or testimonial, members agree to the use of their name along with their testimonial.

Public Forums
Our Web site offers publicly accessible blogs or community forums. You should be aware that any information you provide in these areas may be read, collected, and used by others who access them. To request removal of your personal information from our blog or community forum, contact us at urbanyouthfund@takingitglobal.org

In some cases, we may not be able to remove your personal information, in which case we will let you know if we are unable to do so and why.

6. Changes to this Privacy Policy

If we decide to change our privacy policy, we will post those changes to this privacy statement, the home page, and other places we deem appropriate so that you are aware of what information we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances, if any, we disclose it.

We reserve the right to modify this privacy statement at any time, so please review it frequently. If we make material changes to this policy, we will notify you here, by email, or by means of a notice on our home page.

7. Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA)

In compliance with Canadian Law, if you have any questions, comments or complaints about how we use your information, please contact our Privacy Officer.

Contact: Privacy Officer
Via lettermail: 19 Duncan Street, Toronto, Ontario, M5H 3H1, Canada
Via telephone: +1 (416) 977 9363
Via email: urbanyouthfund@takingitglobal.org